Inspired by the Hanoi Hannah of Vietnam War, we recorded and engineered several audio files and combined them to make a track that we hope will be useful in our propaganda messages against military soldiers that mercilessly kill the civilians of Myanmar. We hope that this will convince at least some of the soldiers to participate in CDM (Civil Disobedience Movement) and join with the Myanmar citizens' fight for the cause. The uprising shall succeed.


  • Playing the audio: This operation does not revolve around the element of surprise, it is not important that the soldiers find out about this. What's important is that you, as a civilian and a revolutionary fighter, blast off the audio files 24/7. We're confident that their minds will slowly give into the propaganda. It is important to note that your safety comes first. Please make sure to open the audios from the safest location possible where the soldiers cannot find you.

  • Writing scripts: You can write your own scripts with your own creativity and submit to us. We will try to get them recorded and craft them into our beautiful propaganda audios of freedom.

  • Voice acting: You are more than welcome to help us out with your voice acting! If we have any scripts, we will send them for you to record.

  • Spreading awareness: Tell your friends, families, acquaintances and colleagues about this project! You can help tweet about this project using this button:

  • Donate us: You can donate us here:

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Beware           Blood On The Streets


Hanoi Hannah was the name of a woman who became famous among US soldiers for her propaganda broadcasts on Radio Hanoi during the Vietnam War. Her scripts were written by the North Vietnamese Army and were intended to frighten and shame the soldiers into leaving their posts. Many soldiers were persuaded into "fragging" their superior officers, throwing frag grenades into the camps where the superiors reside and assassinating them. She made three broadcasts a day, reading a list of newly killed or imprisoned Americans, and playing popular US anti-war songs to incite feelings of nostalgia and home-sickness, attempting to persuade the US GIs that the US involvement in the Vietnam War was unjust and immoral. She also received and played recorded messages from Americans who were against the war, as she thought these messages were the most effective of all as "Americans will believe their own people rather than the adversary."

Hannoi Hannah broadcasting during Vietnam War

Hanoi Hannah broadcasting

during the Vietnam War


Portraits of Hanoi Hannah